#MikeOnTheDaily #2

Good afternoon folks ! 

Yesterday was a success I linked up with Some friends from high school , Dasean , Judah & Mike we went around Nashville handing out free pizza & cool pops the event was called keep it cool for the kids . It was a awesome being in service to others , salute to the guys for letting me part of this event as well , Judah has pics so I’ll get them when I can and post them on this blog . 

playing jokes 

Lol yesterday I pranked call a few buddies as well it was funny .


I’m going to be on the road working and learning new material a wise man once said the day you stop choosing to grow you will detoriate inside , it’s like a tree the more you nurture it the bigger the blossom of it , that’s how life works . In order to stand out you must put your head down and do work . Today find what makes you forget to look at your phone and try to do moe of that on a daily basis . 

if you feeling stuck ..

Think and go back to the days you was a kid , what were the things you enjoyed and you wasn’t getting paid for . That’s your calling if you want to help people get what they want the universe will reward you in return for helping others . As we get older day in and day out you must realize some grow and some don’t . 

Don’t USE THAT C-word


if you going to wish and hope and dream you must put yourself in a position to succeed you have to do what you got to do for yourself no one can do work for you the way you see it . As a entrepreneur you have to be disciplined if you don’t know how to be disciplined you will work for someone who will teach you how to be disciplined


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