Good morning World it’s time to build that empire ! 

I’m feeling better than ever ,another day to grind as hard as I can . RIP Pat summit you will be truly remembered , you made a great impact and that’s what life is all about cause when it’s my time to go my legacy will never be forgotten .Im up vibing to Oldskool music I got a old soul. Things are going great I can’t complain I’m just living in the moment it’s been awhile since I partied , I been in the crib taking care of myself , putting in work on my brain , as well as my body I got a offer from a fitness company last night so that was a plus as well . The pieces of the puzzle are coming together . Is it something you want me to answer I’ll be more than glad to do a Q&A on this blog . 

Today’s quote of the day is to become a better you ! 

Keep growing daily and fall in love with the process . I apply the musician life to the world I’m living in I’m in it cause I love making people feel good at the moment the music is like a high and if my vibes high enough they will make a way through your mind then to your body cause they say energy is contagious . 


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