What a great day to be alive ! 

I got a lot of energy today the previous weeks I switched up my diet I been leaning towards more fruit and vegetables smoothies / juices with a slight veggie food intake I can feel the difference in my days I’m more upbeat and alert then when I went w/o I’m not a vegetarian that’s hard af for me to transition to completely but I been consuming less portions of meat. I’m laying foundation for my future day to day I’m in love with the process of getting better my overall goals I got in my mind for my life I will not share them with the rest cause it’s on me my future self won’t be fulfilled until I get into them.

I have goals for my future self are big but when I achieve them it’s going to be on to the next but with the ones I know I have to grind as hard as I can I must retreat into my private place to get myself to focus and put things in perspective it’s on me . No one is going to accomplish task for me no one can put in the work for me it’s solely on me . I must keep investing my heart , mind , blood , sweat in tears into this . I know I have the potential to do so I have to invest 110% to get them to invest 100% in me . I know what I want to achieve at the end road and I must do so cause I don’t want my kids to be looking and wondering why I Gave up ! #thisshitisreal

I’m grinding for the day they look at me and say dad how did you make it happen you really wanted it that bad to put yourself in the position. Your journey gives me a reason I will never ever give up 


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