Good morning world ! 

Today is another day to build your future the way you vision it . Me personally I’m still going I’m fighting hard to be the change I would love to see i been networking and putting the pieces to the puzzle for the past 9months people ask me when I’m going to release more product and to be honest I have a few unreleased product in my house , and it won’t hit the public until I give it the green light . My reason is I’m working on new music and linking up with new producers new engineers as well as distribution / marketing teams . I’m working on my personal brand at the moment I still haven’t forgot about my people it’s like this with me I won’t push something just to get money as fast as I can everything has to be well thought out . As I get older I grow distant from what used to entertain me I’m More comfortable with listening/creating music , working out , reading/writing , walking my dog , spending time with family , working on new ideas/products I found what truly gets me out of bed without a alarm clock . As I learn more about myself I pick up new hobbies and revisit old ones that .

I be in my own world of fantasy and it takes me to a place where I dream and visualize then snap back to reality and put together a plan to connect the dots that will get me from point a to b to c . I’m a true visionary but I take action day to today to get me to where I want to be . 


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