What’s up world ! 

I woke up today now I’m doing what I got to do . I can’t complain about the life I created I just will not never settle I can’t be complacent that’s a no no . There was time growing up when I used to wonder where my pops was I seen him no more than 4-6 times throughout my 20years of life but that don’t stop me from chasing my goals . I had no mentor I had people older who tried to guide me but it was more of a hi &a bye conversation we all went separate ways . So here I am guiding myself and absorbing as much knowledge as I can from the older examples as well as younger examples it’s like I’m reverse engineering . I had to be the example for others if I want it to happen and it gets no reserve than that I took a lot of the shit that bent me and used that as a foundation to build my self up even more each & every day I grow and learn cause if I’m not I’ll be deteriorating no time for that it’s go time , time to make all my dreams a reality like I been doing I know that a lot of people will not be pleased at the moves I make but you know you can’t please everybody so I must continue on my path while elevating positive thoughts in my mind on the grind . 

I had to tell myself it’s okay to live a life that some people won’t understand .

Im not impressed by the things I see day to day when I’m in public or social media I can’t judge them we all our own person but what I can do is grow distant from it . My time on the earth is limited so I must make all this shit happen cause I know Fasho I’m the only one who can make Mike happy . So by choosing my habits and actions wisely it will contribute in a way that’s beneficial for not only me but my family , my fans , my supporters. The music I make is for myself  & some for the fans . At the end of the day I want to be able to look back for once & be like damn Mike you really transformed and recreated yoursel and built something that’s going to last for a while that’s fulfillment to me . While doing all the things I put my mind to cause the only person stopping me is me . 

#enuffsaid lets get it #thatswhattimeitis  


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