Good morning 🌐

I’m up getting my mind right today is another day to create my better tommorow . No alarm got me out of bed , when I open my eyes that’s when I clock in , and when I sleep I clock out but my money still getting made around the clock . You can’t win if you too scared to lose that’s how I’m rocking & rolling crunch time I’m like tiger wood in the masters. My time on this earth limited so you know I got to get it I get it . Too many people I know wishing & hoping you got to go out here & get it cause if somebody doing what you vision you have to take the Obama mindset be the change you would love to see and #Strive4Greatness like Lebron did when he know the city , family , teammates depending on his leadership you got to have folks like Kyrie on your team to help you get it done #LeadersCreateLeaders . While remaking yourself in the process I’m focused on being self effiecent like Floyd Mayweather while negotiating my worth strategically like Donald trump . One day I’m here one day I’m gone and when death stares you in the eye you gotta accerlate your growth nobody will plant the seeds for your future all they can do is give you resources to nurture your future self , and if you can’t use the resources wisely you’ll make a fool of yourself cause you don’t know to make something out of nothing you will never develop in to the person you always visioned when you look in the mirror I know I’m. It the only one daydreaming when I look n the mirror like man you got this just focus big dawg. 

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