Good morning guys & gals ! 🔅

The hardest person to please is someone that’s not happy with them self. No matter how good you do, the thing that’s wrong in them will find something wrong with you. They don’t hate you or what you are doing, they hate that you can do it without them. Let them hate – Go #BEGREAT .Are you willing to sacrifice the instant gratification for a better future ? If you not you not trying to be great , their is nothing wrong w/ rewarding yourself at least reward yourself in a good way that’s not too bad , and will not throw you off track . I been hearing about in order to master something you must be willing to out in 10,000 hours , to be honest you can be good but in order to be great it takes knowledge of making the right decisions while also gaining information to apply and use to your advantage while working hard like a mf . You can work hard ain’t nothing wrong with that , but what separates the great from the good & average is working hard like a mf , while being open to what others done and going back to the drawing board and figure a way to add that to your arsenal(game) then, Test that out and see what else could be gained then repeat no one stopping you from becoming the greatest version of yourself except for you my friend . It’s time to put your big boy pants or draws on and fasten pants cause in order to play with the big dawgs you must find a way to make it happen and adjust your strategy as well . 


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