“my only fear is being shot by the police” – @MikeyDaGreat615 

My standpoint Is that no matter what race , color , or what our beliefs/values is 

The goal is to create Synergy by building our social networks up even though the world is the way it is it doesn’t effect the way I handle business, we have to eliminate ego and just be open minded to the vision we trying to create we all haVe something to learn from each other ill take unity over anything cause we all have one goal that’s to 
Live a full of adventures and laughter while also providing and spending time with the people we love the most and have it to the point we don’t have to worry about money or working for someone again that’s unlocking what’s all built in us . It’ll take time but progress is better no matter the speed as long as we take a step in the right direction freedom is earned not given , I see everyone In this group living a healthy physically fit , don’t have to worry about money , living a pleasurable lifestyle , chasing their biggest and wildest dreams , can truly do what ever they please without having to ask someone else , with a sharp mind for knowledge, I leave religion out of this cause we all have a separate view but all im saying is we have to do what we love at the end of the day . I want everyone to have leverage with their businesses and act like a true businessman/ woman cause that’s what we are at the end . Work hard play hard

My only fear is being shot by the police but I know that’s crazy but it’s too much going on all I can do is Get Money the legal way and stay out of trouble and make sure I’m not in the radius of a bad situation cause I know the consequences behind my action so its best for me to add value and empower our network cause we all want to prosper.


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