Good afternoon peeps ! 

Good news I haven’t touched “Pokemon Go ” today . I cant let that game throw my focus off. The lesson I learned today is there is no substitute for hard work . The reason I love the gym is that 200lbs will remain 200lbs until you lift it up & repeat . Don’t expect nothing in life to be given to you.The wealthy friends I have tell me , keep working like a under paid entrepreneur even when you at the top . The entrepreneur life depends on your hustle , meaning do what you have to do bottom line cause I have no safety net . The time is now its on us , to become the change we would love to see instead of talking about it . Be grateful for what you have & show that you appreciative cause it all can be gone w/ one blink of an eye. I know for a fact im going to become the best verion of myself cause I claimed it a while ago & I chase the vision while still embracing the journey I have left to go . its alot of things going on in the world everything happening fast pace to be honest im running 100mph with it . Its on you to level up & become the person you visioned for a long time you would become. There are numerous ways to become that person all you mist do is find the time and dedicate yourself then the world is yours .​


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