If you want something, plot on it all day . You gotta stay hungry & be willing to put it all on the line while having faith the universe will play its part.Im the happy optimistic guy in the crowd one reason why 

Life is too short to be negative

If you trying to do great things in life go do them and never complain , this the life i dreamed & signed up for i must take responsibility. Life goes on have fun and never look back.  You’re doing well all life is eliminating FEAR .

The time is now the choice is yours , if you want to make everybody proud of you be prepared to live a life not everyone will understand. Embrace life and think your decisions through carefully , cause once you made a commitment there is no looking back . ​

Dream Visualize Do , see life at the end road then work backwards , once you get your feet wet & find out how things work you will realize how life is so easy to maneuver


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