How to be successful ? Realize where you at right now , and know where you going simple as that cause ..

#YODO – You Only Die Once 

I’ll be damn if I’m not making moves towards my happiness . I refuse to settle than what I’m worth , I find myself talking to myself cause I know the answers to all my problems . I’m making shit happen while some people watch me make it happen . You can do great things to you have to step out your comfort zone & stop thinking you not good enough quit feeling sorry for yourself and doubting yourself you were born to do great things not repeat your daily uneventful boring life day to day what you waiting on the next president ? Your next come up ? It’s on you to your situation better it’s not anyone’s responsibility to make sure you good inside but yours . I’m a person who speaks from the heart every time so if I say it I mean what I say cause that’s how I feel dawg. I wake up faithfully everyday excited to write a blog , to create fashion , to create music , to create my body this shit gets me excited af Im in it for the long haul building my empire day by day you know what they say Rome wasn’t built in a day . It takes dedication to fight for your dreams . I rather put my life on the line for something I see then to be hesitating on my own goals and dreams while helping someone build theirs that’s odd to me . #ChangeABrainChangeALife if you trying to make shit happen instead of waiting click that # 


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