good afternoon to all my people all across the globe today is another day to build your dreams . Or you will get hired by someone else to help build theirs and that leaves you miserable in the inside bored looking up youtube videos of your interests in the spare time. I rather build and create from scratch in my free time . We all have 24hrs i spend mine differently than others . I know whats possible and thats anything so when others say be more realistic that only means look at the world how they see the world and they thinking too shallow they mind not on my level . All i can do is help them to see whats possible im not entitled to anything but i just know what im worth so i will never give up on what i want to come true we only got one life to live so im putting it all on the lines for mines , no time for wishing and dreaming anymore , well i do the dreaming before bed i visualize what i want to happen then i put in the Work . Not alot of people will be willing to put in the work but they want everything to be given to them for free. i remember i was scrolling through my timeline on facebook and i saw someone i used to go to school with wish and hope for a free car on a Mercedes Benz giveaway they asked the person to  type the color they wish to receive & everything all i could do is smh . I witnessed someone not willing to invest in themselves in building a legitimate business but they rather wish from a free car and the odds of that person winning is really small . I guess im built different im cut from a entire different cloth. Here you have a guy like me doing what i got to do on the daily to make my dreams a reality doing whatever it takes to make my vision manifest . Im not playing no games cause my future on the line i rather take a shot of making something come true then to feel like another person that looks at life like is miserable and waiting for shit to happen . The world is revolving day in and day out with or w/o me . Thats why my energy is always turnt up cause i see the world filled with opportunity to make things happen i take full responsibility for my downfalls and my come ups !  -Mike


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