good afternoon world today is another to chase the dream . Im more than grateful to be alive cause not alot of people woke up this morning .I want to start my first blog like this a quote

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Everybody dies but not everybody lives , i remember drake said that line and since then it stuck with me . If you want to live the great life be prepared to do some work noone will hand you your dreams . Like Malcolm X once said “freedom isn’t given its earned.”You ever notice how easy it is to remain comfortable and how hard it is to take a risk . Thats what sets the people rich from the middle and the lower class. Its all about educating yourself so you can apply what you learned into whatever situation arises . I believe in myself to do great things it starts with me man in order for me to do what i want to do , i must keep going towards the direction of my dreams this shit is what keeps me happy , i want to be able to pass what i know into my kids generations and teach them about finding their selves and being in business for themselves as well . We living in a different world where anything is possible as long as you tell yourself you can make this happen. You got the potential to make it happen we all are human so its either now or never thats how i look at it . I can either be comfortable sitting on the bench or i can put in work so i can earn some playing time with the big dawgs. Cause at the end of the day doing what i love is what keeps me going when i face challenges i have a purpose

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