Good morning world today is another day to build a better tomorrow. Rome wasnt built in a day you already know that . I’m thankful to see another day cause I get to do what I love . I been listening to big krit- they got us , children of the world . To get my mind right . 

Think for yourself in this crazy world we all we got to make it happen it’s solely on us to become the change we would love to see . Decide today that enough is enough. Dream big do what you love to do life is to short to be putting yourself through something you know you not passionate in . Money is never my end goal sure it can be a motive but my happiness is what I rely on at the end of the day . Nobody can make you happy but yourself . 

 Be careful of the sharks in the water they try to stop the person you end of becoming distance yourself before you get ate alive . That can be loving someone that doesn’t love you back , stuck in a rut , or a career or job you hate . Be prepared to go through the motions but at the end of the day you know what you got to do . .. DO It it’s Now or Neva 


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