Random Poem/Lyrics in my head #Freestyle

“random lyrics coming from my head “
ohh,ohh,ohhh .. ayeeee , ohhh, o
i step up off in the club , girls shaking ass for them dubs
big ballas in the club throwing money showing love
shoutout to the ones putting in work
to provide for yo cubs
im getting to it now
at first
i had to get it out the mud
i used to think rolling bud was the answer
to all my problems it only had me stuck
ohhhh ohhh o , ayeee, ohhhh ,o
then ill roll up another one and say it is what it is mane
fuck what it was
growing up in this cold game
you better stay strapped cause we playing a dirty game
i remember nights stranded in the rain
raindrops falling on my brain
drinking back to back thinking
it would ease the pain
fastforward now im in my own lane
just crusing
windows down got the speakers boomin
im on my grind pursuing
i got my mind right then i
made on right on ewing
every since i left the past where its at
im constantly
left the sodas alone now
im drinking more smoothies
im never losing
look what you done to me girl
everytime i see you i lose it
you make me nervous
it seem to me
you be flawless
on purpose
imma man on a mission
i fucks with you
cause you match my grind
you see the vision of my purpose
you so bad you so worth it
you make me wanna worship !
baby girl you a goddess
they just mad at us cuz
you the hottest !
sometimes you be having a nigga
jaw dropping
make up on or not
either way you still be popping
i love the way you call me poppy
i salute you
thanks for helping out instead of watching
im grinding
like ayeeee ohhh ohhh o , ohhh ohhhh o x2
i told my fam i got us just watch me for the ones who peep
my moves steady watching me
i can have it all i believe
working on me
trying to stop a train
is just like trying to stop me
noone can stop me
ooohhhh ohhhhh o , like ayeee ohh o

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