Good afternoon world today is another day of choice . Be better than yesterdays instead of complaining about what i lack i choose to focus on improving what i already have . Big thanks to everyone who progressing towards having a better tomorrow. I’m chasing the vision every day faithfully , in order to get something i never had i must do something i have never done .  “the more I meet people who are choosing less steady, more satisfying paths in life something i feel that we all have in common is that we all have a sense diving in knowing we might fail, but also knowing that we’ll never know for sure until we try. Never try to be better than someone else always learn from others .Life is all about doing the best you can with where you are at in the moment at which you are capable and having a peace of mind . Self fulfillment is key to living a great life . Only focus on the things you have control over it starts with my thoughts and my effort the only things i have 100% control over . Things will workout as they should the only way for that to happen is doing what we must do to create that desired outcome . Work your way up to success while others watch from the sidelines and some quit . Its you and i who make our fates we are the ones who choose to open or close the gates

  1. Dont whine
  2. Dont complain
  3. Dont make excuses

Just get out there and make it happen do the best you can with the ability you have and the limited time you have …

The journey is better than the end . Getting to where you need to go is the fun part but when you actually there its kind of a let down cause you expected so much more but realize its just another phase with bigger expectations and more effort on my part to maintain my happiness and fulfillment . the day to day exercising and lifting is the journey to getting to where i would love to be the game is just the end result . #EmbraceTheProcess



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