Living Better Poem/Lyrics while in the gym

thoughts in my head while at the gym
Living better x3
flying like a dove in the weather
imma still do me whether
you like it or not
can i live tho ?
im at my best when my mind free bro
i had to learn my lesson
i cant give everything i paid for , for free tho
all my words and my melodies
aint free
why pay for the pussy ?
when i get it free
paying for something that aint worth giving all of me
is something i cant see
everywhere i go i see people praising what they cant see
some tried to force they glasses on me and i ended up being blind
cause what may be meant for you and yours
may not be
for me & mines
i refuse to waste my time
i rather be on the grind
it all come with time
i believe whats done in the dark
will put me in the light when it shines
then people from all over telling me how much
they story relate to mines
thats so cool to me
i used to dream about this shit
now all im surrounded by people who on
the other side of the fence
quick question why do everybody take pride on
being right ?
im thinking about this as i write .
flashbacks to rolling with my niggas
on dizzy wright
it was on me to get my mind right
and stop catching up with the kites
and the birds
if i die today i knew i kept it 100
with these words
i tell ..
i was always that nigga doing bad things
and dodging cells
while some niggas i knew
love being told what to do
they comfortable with jail
or sticking to a job they dont like but
only kept it cause it paid the bills
while im on pace like sammy for the bills
reading books recommended from bill
to get me in them golden gates
on the hill
and buying properties like hotels
as well as luxury retails
thinking to myself like damn i came along
way from fucking up the count just to buy scales
im doing it for my nigga wayne you was hell when you was well
now im in that water like a bucket wish me well .
now im telling myself was it worth it staying up on the nextel
talking to females ?
i guess cause i bought the perfect fairytale by listening to the stories they used to tell.
I had to cut some old people off they didnt mean any well
since then i been living better can you tell
im living better
living better
still stacking cheddar
putting in work like rihanna was making umbrella
work work
thats all i know
i wrote this to ease my mind and just let it flow
i wasted time not giving the world all of me once before if i knew then
what i know now i wouldnt be in this position tho
but im not complaining tho
i just put all my energy into the yo
the sense of urgency i be acting with
makes my peers uncomfortable though
im on the journey you either with me or against me yo
im just doing what i got to do
to provide for my folks
its only right to pay homage
they raised a nigga tho .
so within that being said ill continue to
remain fly while i get this bread
you cant really win if you too scared
chilling in my mike manes i never owned
a pair of breds
im just obsessed like mike
growing up i never wanted to be like mike
i was more interested in the fast money , fast
cars that came along with the ice
but realizing it came with a price
the price i was paying was losing my life
so i had to think twice and reevalutate life
cause its what you make it
so now im grinding for the come up after
being on the block i learned something forever stuck
with me and that was patience.
my heart pacing along with the moves im making
in order to keep living better and better i just had to be patient .

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