Whats up world its ya boy! Today is another day to create your future the exact way you vision . I take responsibility for my downfalls as well as the come ups ! I enjoyed myself hanging out with my mom it was positive vibes i like it.

. After we left i went on a solo bike ride through the city and on the track i circled the track  talking to myself out loud , im simply just being myself while enjoying the journey . im still striving for greatness i havent made it yet . so everyday im progressing

Life just keeps going with or w/o me so with that being said i must continue to do the things that I’m passionate about cause when its all said and done i did what i had to do and i lived a life with no regrets . I experienced alot of things growing up and i must say i’m beyond grateful to listen to the stories and memories of others before and after me . It truly molds me into my own person you feel me . I learn from the people i come in contact with of course there will be some who builds me up and some will try to bring me down .

We all got our unique view of the world and the person we all want to become while we here.I rather be the person who helps people in the best possible way i can i can’t heLp everybody at once but as long as i try to help who knows what can happen .

At the end of the day im just a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to make my dreams and goals manifest cause i have the power to do so . Moves to be made places to be people to see thats the motto . Its hard to stop someone who never gives up . You got to want it and be obsessed with progressing in life .



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