#MikeOnTheDailyDay48 Being open isn’t the end its only the beginning to living a life true to myself – MDM

Whats up everyone !! i had a good day with my family i can’t complain im breathing im doing me . I enjoyed my first titans game today that was very cool i must say .After watching them do they thing i came away with a lesson .

all confidence is developed through action.  you see nowadays from top figures and athletes of different walks of life carry a attitude of a champion cause they know and believed in it way before anyone else did . I choose to be the person that lives up to my potential cause being average is crowded with should would of could ofs and dream killers coming from different angles ..

I made a decision that it was time to stop feeling sorry for myself cause enough was enough . I always been a competitor so its only right to compete with myself day in and day out to create my future . Improvising was something i always was good at when it came to art whether it was freestyling on the spot or putting together my wardrobe and now i apply that same mindset . I had to realize the greats think differently so i had to shift my paradigm and focus on building upon the new instead of day dreaming of the good times and not being happy with my situation .

Being open isnt the end its only the beginning to living a life true to myself – MDM

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