Goodmorning to everyone , I’m just now finishing a workout session feeling good , today is another day of choice . The goal for my day is to learn new things and apply that knowledge into my passions and my life in general .I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to spend a few minutes reading my blogs . My purpose is to empower and motivate you to go out in the world & be the change you would love to see. All I’m doing to be honest is going w/ the flow of life while putting in the day to day grind of becoming better than i was yesterday . If you’re a person who has self-esteem / confidence issues well i have great news ! My blogs cater to your needs , cause i know how it feels to be growing up lost in the world & people telling me to do this & that, at first i just thought that it was just the way the world works until i realized i must keep doing what i love cause behind closed doors i be filled w/ joy knowing im documenting work that excites me , while training for my future on the daily i demand more out of myself each and every day ,cause i know i’ll regret my life if i dont at least try to go after all the things i was scared of trying . I’m willing to put in the work to get there, my main focus is improving while avoiding negative influences and staying true to myself and my goals .


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