I’m not lost I know what I want .

No time to spend thinking & wondering why about life

Attention is on driving value & switching things up to get different results .

Creating your own life is where you learn more about yourself everyday to realize your capabilities, of course life happens from things working out in our favor & sometimes having things not work out in the way we want them to be .

The real leverage is the ideas not the actual work itself . Hey get used to people putting together plans /Strategies using toxic tactics to take try & take your resources from you .

You can’t always take a persons ideas yeah for sure you can try & copy but it’s not coming from the source *originator .

I’m big on letting folks know to get paid off their ideas , cause in order for someone to make money w/ your idea they must go learn from you . The catch is you’re the only person that they can think of that can actually help they situation like immediately.

I notice some people have a lot of pride to even ask for help & to be honest it’s crazy . It amazes me how women can stick together & men wanna do everything on their own we talking business now . We all want something we can call our own I understand that . But if you don’t wanna help yourself don’t talk about the person that is actually helping others . Communicate what you want & do the actions is what takes us anywhere we wanna go


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