How to grow your network / business / followers & yourself all on social media ⁉️

Hey what’s up it’s ya boy mike !

22 Nashville, TN

independent affiliate with Allysian Sciences it’s a lifestyle coaching company that helps you become the best possible version of you !

Today I’m talking about growth #healthiswealth

how I grow my twitter – @asnashville – I ENGAGE with the community I already do have by asking polls / questions and providing value such as art , personal development , blogs , videos & podcast now & then . Gaining new followers is a task , how I go about it is RT others first & the follow trains they create and teaming up with other bloggers who looking to grow too !

I do have a time limit & tweet activity threshold too I have a certain time to hit unfollow if that person doesn’t follow right away or within a day / and if they don’t tweet regularly daily . I prefer to follow people who actually use their voices on twitter – (tweet )

How I find people to follow is if I search a key word and I see that’s what they are talking about I join in too ! Ya it’s a different way of networking on here a lot of topics yo can add value : voice your opinion too . As long as yo respecting & understanding of ones thoughts .

I Grow an online business on here too , I make it a habit of always interacting with new people and even sending people messages . I rather talk about personal freedom & our aspirations to be then just the norm then again that’s just me .

Remember this your network is your networth


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