We’re the Creators of a new life 🌱

What’s up ⁉️ I just got back from a breeze through the 6 (Nashville) to clear my mind a little . If you haven’t started your blog I highly recommend you too , it’s therapeutic to write the words that’s flowing through your brain .

I’m pretty sure you all see me promoting Allysian Sciences, which is a company I truly believe can help heal the world in all angles improving the quality of life for us . I know where I wanna be , live & do so I use the business model as a vehicle to get me to where I wanna end up & the thing I like about it is in order to rise I must first help others rise up . It’s a roller coaster ride you never know what’s going to happen but sincerely it’s a good thing cause I get to spend more time creating content that I’m really passionate about and that’s really connecting w/others who are ready to switch things up in they life just like I did first starting off .

I’m learning more about myself & how to interact w/ others and at times I rather no interact cause I don’t wanna waste my time it’s a good habit / bad one too cause I never know who looking for the solution I could possibly offer . All & all I know it’s possible to live a life where you don’t necessarily have to worry about money , well being & business cause the more you help others the more everyone grows including you , I really am my biggest critic w/ that being said I know where I would love to end up in life I’m not just winging it in hoping for something big to happen I’m actually trying different things out in order to get different results

I remember this quote a while ago I. Believe it was Einstein’s

To do the same thing over & over & expect a different result is insanity

Which is true to me I used to wonder why my results from my effort wasn’t converting until I realized man I can’t be stubborn & think somethings gonna work all time & I have yet to change the process of how I went about it . Now I know what I know now. If something isn’t converting just switch the perspective up just a little .

The only thing I can do is try / start again& again to be able to carry out this vision in my head which is connecting & understanding the people I come across w/ & help them be great at the things they wanna improve on . It’s nice to know I’m affiliated with a brand that cares so much about humanity & it’s well being . You know what they say it’s not really about what title you have it’s about what you know & what you doing for others .


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