You determine You

You determine it , If you wanna play high you can if you wanna play low that’s really your choice . Don’t be upset that another person is living up to their potential we all have the same 24hrs it’s about how & where you spend your time .

In life anything is possible if you change your perspective on what can be & not be done . Only I know what I can pull off , so if one decides & believes that their potential is limitless let them do what makes them tick . It’s easy to judge & compare others . It’s way harder to focus on you & compare yourself only to the person you were yesterday . That’s where the bread & butter is always learning & improving ones self to actually live a complete fulfilling life to ones standard of what they call “living” . I honestly believe you gotta pay the price for how you want to live and if i wanna live well off I must learn & apply the knowledge & skills I’ve gained to do & always learn how to switch things up when it’s not working & figure out how to do things more efficiently & effectively w/ the limited time I do have .

When I’m up I’m always in pursuit to creating freedom in my life & helping others do the same as well . It takes a person who knows what they want to help others realize & get more in tune w/ themselves & figure out what they want to achieve , be & do while their on this planet . Never underestimate your value & vibes that you bring no matter the environment cause someone is always looking for what you already have . Imma keep on being nice , showing & having respect for others cause i know how life can be when you’re surrounded by angry folks who will do anything to see you down . We all on different frequencies meaning “moods” I know the people I wanna spend my time with & those are people who are in a growth state of mind the conversation will always be about aspirations & personal freedom to become more than they were yesterday . That’s what I call life all the negativity, isn’t worth it cause that only waste time .


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