Power To Keep Pumping It Up !

3AM thoughts in Nashville ,TN im up creating again , im in my zone i have no limitations on what i can achieve i refuse to limit myself just cause the way things are going , its been a learning experience dealing with multiple diverse personalities lol the more i do its get more exciting cause i never know what to expect , i just focus on the things i can control and try not to worry about the result even if its negative or positive , i noticed that in life i’ll come across people with nasty attitudes and bad vibes and as well as happy souls and i rather spend my time with people who actually believe in what can be created and the potential something has . Nothing wrong with doing whats best for your soul sake . When you know what you want , its either dwell or do . Im getting better at becoming a better communicator and trying things that will bring me a different result . I cant just let up just cause someone else tries to destroy my inner peace thats life and you’ll find people who will up lift you and you’ll find people who will do they best to knock the smile off your face just cause the way they perceive life from what happened in the past . Times are changing ideas and the network of relationships we have has always been the determining factor on where we end up in life . If you not realizing it now , just know youll find out i hope not the hard way , thats why i do what i do to prevent a person from finding out that way . All and all i get up thinking man i cannot wait to get back to engaging and sharing positive vibes with my people in the communities ive built . As the days go by and we get older and older the more i realize how every second is precious and so valuable im driven more than ever to shine my light and use my voice and thoughts to bring about change no matter how long things will take as long as im moving at a pace that excites others too step up the pace that they are going at . MThe more i think about my why for doing , the more i want to help as many people ignite that entrepreneurial spirit in them to be the creators of the life they want to live . it takes guts and courage and effort to stand up for things that you honestly believe . I just wanted to let you know what today is always a good day to have a great day so with that being said lets turn up the tempo !!! and do it bigger than we ever thought we could do .


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