Go 🌱

Wanna know the words that be always in my head it’s start go effort try & to never give up because your time is here You know to me being happy is making the moment yours it’s up to me if I want a better situation I can’t just be thinking and hoping things work out . It requires me to put in effort to get to where I wanna go I refuse to settle for just anything I know what I want and where I would like to spend my time so that means I must keep staying consistent & a lot of effort on my end . I refuse to settle I can’t I’m not happy not being able to do what I want & when I want freedom is something that’s created everyday the more you want a certain thing the more that certain thing will require out of yourself to be able to achieve . It’s a must I use my time wisely to build a life the way I see it , my time is limited so I rather take the time to create my lifestyle even if that means saying no to things like instant gratification .I’m learning more about myself as I present & communicate with my network on social media , I’m nowhere near perfect but the least I can do is just try one more time . I can’t control what I get back but I can control what I put out . Just know that .


One thought on “Go 🌱

  1. True words! I’m working on this mindset myself. I have a lot of mental things going on and it’s holding me back but no matter how many times I fail (which is like a thousand at this point) I still start over.


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