Who is MikeyDaGreat?

My intent of this site is to develop a connection with my audience to further understand me as a human being .

Michael Morris was born in Nashville ,TN July 17, 1995 . Raised in low income housing with a single mother and a different dad from the rest of his 3 sibling he was the 3rd child after his younger sister arrived , he had a dead beat dad. 

His early life he had to adapt to various changes switching schools a lot , living with family members in crowded households , getting into fights throughout elementary & middle school . Being involved in sports for the 

First time in 8th grade playing football after not making the bball team the year before he developed his work ethic by making the bball team.
High school arrived he adjusted very well by making a lot of friends and being the guy everyone wanted to hang out with in school and after . He was the teachers ‘son’ fav but also the class clown every one loved Mike he was known for his humor , appearance , music and his big heart was noticed by the whole school . He played sports
Football he loved , after games he had to wake up the next morning and work 12+ hour days from 7A-7P at McDonald’s to support his family. He got up everyday at 5AM he rode the city bus to and from walking miles from the initial bus stop to get to school . He developed his perseverance After graduating and receiving the best sense of humor by his peers. 
Entering college the fall of 2013 Mike was ready to walk on for Tenn State football was his dream. Being in school Mike was struggling financially , he had to sell drugs to survive , one cold December day Mike came across a pastor handing out bibles on the way to class , he started learning about God , Mike adjusted his ways and got two jobs to support family ,after going to tsu he dropped out , then back in the work force then start experiencing life and questioning things a lot finding what best and what’s not for him . After trying school one more time then dropped out again , he went into entrepreneurship all the way now he has built a solid network with plans of writing his first auto bio / self help to inspire others as well as the younger generation that’s running wild .lets see where his journey takes him .
“it’s not about the money it’s about the growth to be honest “

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